Water, Water, Everywhere … But No Drink Break 

Satish Sekar
By Satish Sekar June 24, 2019 17:01


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Water, Water, Everywhere … But No Drink Break 

By Satish Sekar at Cairo’s Al Salam Stadium © Satish Sekar (June 23rd 2019)


The Atlas Lions’ Man of the Match, M’bark Boussoufa, revealed that he asked referee, Louis Hakizimana for a water break and was refused. The Rwandan official was seemingly unaware of the advice from CAF’s Medical Committee regarding matches at high temperatures. This one was 35˚C and 35% humidity.

The average Wet Bulb Globe Temperature in this AFCON is expected to be around 32˚C.
CAF’s Medical Report on Temperature during AFCON says the following:

“At this level, FIFA recommends 3 minutes rest and refreshing breaks in the 30th and 75th
minutes. These 3 minute breaks must be properly prepared in logistical terms, before the
tournament and before each match and require the provision of cold containers on wheels
to put crushed ice, drinks for referees and small towels cold and wet to place around the
neck for 26 people (4 referees + 22 players) for minutes 30 and 75 if necessary.

“It will also be necessary to prepare for any eventuality of Emergencies. It will be important
to be able to diagnose and treat heat-related illnesses, if they occur, on site.

“For this, the collaboration with the medical services of the Local Organising Committee
(LOC), led by Dr. Mohamed Sultan, has been satisfactory.”

But despite this the referee was unaware of this and the same applied to CAF officials.


Morocco’s double AFCON winning coach, Hervé Renard backed his player up.

“Tonight it was difficult for us, and I’m very surprised, because – it’s not a complaint because I can say that because we won this game – but why the players are not allowed to drink during the first and second half,” Renard said.

“It’s strange.

“If you play football, you will need to drink something, especially after 20, 25 minutes, so please, they need to think about, think about the players in this time. It’s not us on the pitch.”

Satish Sekar
By Satish Sekar June 24, 2019 17:01