Satisfaction and Momentum

Satish Sekar
By Satish Sekar May 5, 2016 08:49

Satisfaction and Momentum

By Satish Sekar © Satish Sekar (March 29th 2016)

Disappointment and Progress

England’s manager Roy Hodgson was disappointed by the loss to the Netherlands, coming so soon after the thrilling victory over World Champions Germany. Naturally, his opposite number Danny Blind was satisfied with the performance and result.


“At the moment I’m just bitterly disappointed that I’m sitting here having lost a home game at Wembley in front of 82000 people after such a good performance on Saturday night, because it really is a high followed by a low”, Hodgson said. “Yeah, at this moment in time, it’s too close to the defeat to give any perspective at all, but I think when I’ve had time to reflect I will find lots of positives from this group. I will find lots of things that I’m glad to have seen, I’m glad to have had happen, because I think going forward, it will make us stronger and make certainly my task somewhat clearer when it comes to choosing the payers that I need to take with me to France”.


Meanwhile, despite the much-needed victory, Blind was gracious to England, declaring them the better team on the night.

“I think okay”, Blind said, “England team was maybe better. They had more, the ball. We have to defend. That’s normal and we miss so many players – we miss fourteen players”.


He was pleased with the performance. “It’s a very young team and you know when you go to England and they won in Berlin 2-3, good results and they had the confidence”, Blind said. “We know it will be a difficult game against a good team, maybe a better team, and okay, they showed that they could play the ball in good position play, but we didn’t get that many chances”.


And as for momentum, the Netherlands have gained a little, but some has been lost by England. “I suppose whenever you have two victories and then lose a game, momentum is lost. I don’t know quite what I can say to change that pretty obvious fact, but all I can say is that tonight was a different team to the one that played against France and against Germany”.


There will be other chances to regain it Turkey and Australia in May and Portugal in June.

“A lot of players were playing today and haven’t played many games of late, so the task for them is obviously a little bit harder, but I think we’ve got plenty of games to get bur momentum back”, Hodgson said. “We have three further games to get our momentum back before we go to France. There’s plenty of opportunity to regain momentum and learn lessons from tonight’s defeat”.


Since failing to qualify for Euro2016, the Netherlands have played both England and Wales. They also lost an emotionally charged match against France 2-3 in Amsterdam on the night that the great Johan Cruijff died. England beat France 2-0 in the aftermath of the Paris atrocities last November.


England and Wales were drawn in the same group at the finals, so how do they compare? “I can’t compare those things because we play Wales and they missed [Gareth] Bale and [Aaron] Ramsey, so that was not a team in France”, Blind said. “Those players will be there, so maybe they can make the team better, but I think England is more complete, is a better team, [and] has more options and great players”.

He might have added that Wales had to cope with a scintillating man of the match performance by Arjen Robben and England didn’t.


Satish Sekar
By Satish Sekar May 5, 2016 08:49