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Smarting from missing out on the World Cup, Wales are under new management. Ryan Giggs succeeded Chris Coleman (now manager of Hebei China Fortune, the former club of West Ham’s new manager, Manuel Pellegini) shrugged off concerns about his age and experience in management.

“If we beat them tomorrow, it won’t erase the pain [of missing the World Cup],” Ashley Williams said. Williams was badly injured against Mexico, including a punctured lung, declared surplus to requirements by new Everton boss, Marco Silva, and has moved to Stoke City on loan. He retains the captaincy under Giggs, although he may not play tomorrow.


Management Revolution

“I have been following both of them [Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard] and they have both had good starts,” Giggs said. “It is pleasing to see as a player who has played at the top level that can you go and do it as a manager? We will just have to wait and see how they do but they have made good starts. It is like players, if you are good enough, it doesn’t matter what your age is. They have prepared as best they could, just like I did.”

So is the new dawn of young managers taking over from the ‘old guard’ of managers?

“If it is a new era I don’t know but we are football people,” the former Manchester United legend said. “You can do TV work which is great, but you just miss that football bit where you are out on the pitch and preparing teams and that buzz of games as well.”


Giggs never played in a major championship with Wales, but is hungry to achieve that success, building on the achievements of his friend and predecessor, Coleman. “I am following a fantastic manager who did what no other manager had done for a very long time, which was get Wales to a major championship,” Giggs said. “He was my first room-mate when I came in for Under-21 games, so we go back a long way, and what he did was fantastic, but now we’ve had a little taste of it we want some more.”


But there’s a way to do it. “I want the team to be hard to beat and good to watch,” Giggs told journalists. “I want players to go out and express themselves and do what they are good at.”

Having seen it from both sides – once a young man breaking through with Coleman to continuing playing until he was 40 – Giggs understands the needs of both young players and experienced ones better than most.

“We will give a chance to younger players too as I want a competitiveness in training and games,” Giggs said. “But it is easy getting into the team – it is much harder staying.”

Chaos and Farce

An unseemly row has broken out in Denmark, with top players, Christian Eriksen and Kasper Schmeichel demanding payment for image rights, and declining call-up by the Danish FA. It has left the 1992 European champions having to call-up futsal players, among others.

“As a footballer you just want to play football,” Giggs said. “You would think it would have been sorted out by now. It is not ideal but the Danish federation has to put out some sort of team. “What do they do? They have a real dilemma. What sort of team we are going to face we don’t know?”

He hopes that it will be resolved. It needs to be. Danish fans, and visiting ones too have a right to get value for money.

“There is still a bit of me that thinks they will sort it out, but every day it looks more unlikely,” Giggs told a pre-match press conference. “I have got an eye on [it] but I will deal with it after tomorrow. That’s what I am focused on. It is very unusual of course it is. It is strange, especially as they did well at the World Cup.”

Satish Sekar
By Satish Sekar September 5, 2018 17:12


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