Hillsborough Reactions

Satish Sekar
By Satish Sekar May 8, 2016 18:11

Hillsborough Reactions

“A jury in a court of law has said, ‘yes, your loved ones were unlawfully killed’, and no, the fans were not to blame. The truth was that your loved ones died by the incompetence of those in charge. The truth has triumphed”. Joe Anderson – Mayor of Liverpool

“I think it vindicates what we’ve always said that right was on our side and that there were two disasters, the one on the day and the disgraceful way that everybody tried to blame it on the families and their friends”. Trevor Hicks – Father of Hillsborough victims Sarah and Victoria

“All juries don’t get it right and I don’t think they have it right. The other one I don’t really agree with is that the Liverpool supporters were completely innocent because they weren’t – there’s no doubt about it. There was a minority – and a large number in that minority – who seem to be able to think they can go when they like and do what they like”. David Summer – Former Chief inspector of South Yorkshire Police

“This is real justice for the 96, for their families, for all supporters of Liverpool Football Club. You know, those supporters now can for ever be f or ever be remembered for what they were on that day, the heroes of Hillsborough”. Andy Burnham – Shadow Home Secretary

“You have all sang ‘Justice for the 96’ for 27 years and we as families are very proud of what you’ve done to help us to get where we are today. It’s not just justice for the 96, it’s justice for our fans, our survivors and our city”. Margaret Aspinall – Mother of Hillsborough victim James

“I would like to applaud the tenacity of families who never gave up hope and kept a fundamental humanity in spite of being treated so appallingly in the face of lies, cover-ups and conspiracies”. Sheila Coleman – Hillsborough Justice Campaign

We will always remember the 96 that lost their lives. The 96 will never be forgotten”. Bruce Grobbelaar – Liverpool goalkeeper at Hillsborough

If lives are saved by the lessons learned from these inquests, we could take some small comfort in knowing that our loved ones were not taken from us in vain. God bless them. May they all rest in peace now”. Danny Gordon – Uncle of Hillsborough victim Kevin Williams

Satish Sekar
By Satish Sekar May 8, 2016 18:11


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