Zambia Extends Friendship to Torino

Satish Sekar
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Zambia Extends Friendship to Torino

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By Satish Sekar © Satish Sekar (May 4th 2018)

Tributes at Superga

Tributes at Superga

On the 69th anniversary of the Superga Disaster, which took the lives of almost all of the sensational Torino team, il Grande Torino, Zambian legends and Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) officials joined together to pay tribute. Il Grande Torino was undoubtedly one of, if not the greatest club side ever. Almost seven decades after the Superga Disaster, some of their records still stand (see The Greatest at In their last full season 1947-48 they scored an incredible 125 goals, conceding just 33 for a goal-difference of +92.

FAZ President, Andrew Kamanga, its outgoing General Secretary Ponga Liwewe, and several esteemed former players, including Africa Cup of Nations-winning captain of the 2012 Chipolopolo, Christopher Katongo recorded messages of support.

“Just a message for you that we are in the same crisis, as we’re remembering the heroes that perished in the airborne disaster as much as you”, Katongo said.


“We are remembering you, so we are in the same path. We will always be together because of this same path. Hopefully we can have a good relationship and see which way forward that we can support each other.”

Almost 70 years after Torino, was robbed of its greatest ever team, Zambia’s response shows that football still loves that truly great team.

FAZ President Andrew Kamanga also sent a message to Torino. “I would like to pass a message of solidarity to Torino on the Air Crash.

We equally suffered a similar fate where we lost an entire national team and we hope that they’ll continue remembering the fallen heroes and we’ll continue working together in matters of common interest.”


He was joined by the legendary Dickson Makwaza. “Torino, we are behind you,” the captain of the 1974 Africa Cup of Nations runners-up said (

“We have gone through the same experience you are going through, so we wish you all the best. May God bless you,”

Makwaza also appealed to Torino to link with Zambia ( “Well, Torino we are behind you. We had the same problem that you had, so let’s partner together. We’ll support you and you support us.”

Outgoing General Secretary of FAZ Ponga Liwewe also reached out to Torino ( “The Zambia football fraternity would like to send a message of solidarity to the people of Torino and of Italy to pass our strong understanding of what they have gone through.

“Zambia has gone through a similar situation. We stand by you and we remember your heroes and we will always be beside you.”


Perhaps the most moving tribute came from Joyce Chanbala, widow of Zambia’s goalkeeping icon David Efford Chabala, a member of that outstanding KK11 team lost in the Gabon Plane Crash of April 28th 1993 (see

“My name is Joyce Chabala. I am the widow of the late Efford Chabala who used to be the nation team goalkeeper for the Zambian national soccer team that perished in Gabon. I would like to send my love and solidarity to the people of Torino in Italy, those who also lost their beloved ones, because we share the same grief, so I would like to encourage them to put their faith in God, because he has helped us to reach this far.

“My love and solidarity to you, people of Torino. We are together in mourning.”

Zambian internationals Stone Chibwe, Peter Kaumba, Simon Kaushi, Kennth Malitoli, AFCON winner Nyambe Mulenga and Tenant Chilumba also sent messages of support. Malitoli and Chilumba were contemporaries of the 1993 team and could have shared their fate, but for playing in foreign countries at the time.

Kennth Malitoli’s Message to Torino

Stone Chibwe’s Message to Torino

Tenant Chilumba’s Appeal to Torino

Simon Kaushi’s Message to Torino

Simon Kaushi’s Appeal

Peter Kaumba’s Message to Torino

Nyambe Mulenga’s Message to Torino

Satish Sekar
By Satish Sekar May 4, 2018 15:39