FUS Crash out of Throne Cup

Satish Sekar
By Satish Sekar September 14, 2018 19:01



September 2018
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FUS Crash out of Throne Cup

By Satish Sekar at the Stade Moulay Adbualla, Rabat © Satish Sekar (September 13th 2018)


Difâa el Jadida came to Rabat with a plan and left by progressing to the next round after going through 4-3 on penalties after a largely drab 0-0 draw. However, Abderrahman Talib’s team were the first to blink. A poor penalty by substitute, Anouar Jiyed, was easily saved by FUS – advantage FUS, but Hoalid Regragui was forced to watch his players lose their nerve.

First, oozing confidence, substitute Soufiane Saadane strolled up to take his spot-kick. It was dreadful – straight at Mohamed el Yousfi who easily saved it. Blasting in the rebound made no difference. The following penalty by FUS captain Mehdi el Bassil turned out to be his team’s final kick in this season’s Throne’s Cup – Morocco’s equivalent of the FA Cup – as el Yousfi turned hero again. El Mehdi Kernass scored to give a long desired victory to Talib, vindicating his tactics.


As Regragui pointed out, Maradona, Platini and Neymar have all missed penalties.

During normal time Youssef Anouar created chances for himself and others, especially in the second half. An optimistic penalty appeal against Marouane Hadhoudi disgusted the defender, but Anouar teased and probed openings, but his finishing on two occasions was weak or inaccurate. He looked the most likely to break the deadlock, but seemed to be tiring. With less than ten minutes remaining he was replaced by Adam Ennaffati, but he fared no better, meeting Naoufal Zerhouni’s cross with yet another weak shot.

“I saw that he was past his best level, so I decided to go with two new players that could add something in the game, so because I wanted two new players that could bring something. Many times, you have the tactics. I have two good players in my team. I think perhaps this player (Ennaffati), he win this game. Tonight he don’t do that. It’s the football.”

Interestingly, despite the probing Difâa went closest when Ayoub Nanah was beaten to the ball by the keeper and the rebound effort by Saimon Happygod Msuva glanced off the crossbar.


Difâa el Jadida had a long history of bad results against FUS. Difâa’s coach explained his strategy. “Most important is the Cup,” Talib said.

“The objective is to reach the semi-finals. We are playing our best to the last minute in order to get our chance in the final, so it was important for my team to win against FUS today because it’s a team that always beats my team in the past, so it was important for us to win against FUS.”

Regarding Botola – the league – “podium, top three finish,” Talib said.

He expanded on his tactics for tonight.

“I had two aims in mind: formation of the team and the final result.” Talib continued.

The first was devised to achieve the second. They were difficult to break down, and set out their stall to be difficult to defeat and to smash and grab on the break – it worked, but by a lottery.

Satish Sekar
By Satish Sekar September 14, 2018 19:01